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At Adoption Attorneys Kirsh& Kirsh, P.C. (“Kirsh & Kirsh” but often misspelled as “Kirsch & Kirsch”), we cannot speak for national adoption agencies or local adoption agencies, because Kirsh & Kirsh is not an adoption agency. We are a nationally recognized adoption law firm that can help you if you have an untimely pregnancy, unexpected pregnancy, unplanned […]

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Indiana’s law about abortion, Indiana Code § 16-34, provides a near total ban on abortions except in very limited circumstances and time frames. While some states may allow a woman to have an abortion up to a certain number of weeks into the pregnancy for any reason or just because she wants to abort the fetus, Indiana does not. Therefore, […]

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Most national adoption agencies and local adoption agencies give birth mothers and expectant mothers profiles of families from which they can choose. We, at Adoption Attorneys Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (“Kirsh & Kirsh”) have always given birth parents control over selecting adoptive parents, among our fully investigated and carefully screened pool of hopeful, prospective adoptive […]

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