Answers To Your
Adoption Questions

No, you don’t need to live in Indiana to work with Loving Adoptions by Kirsh & Kirsh.

We help expectant moms from all over the country and have one or more attorneys licensed to practice law in Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. If you live in a state other than those states, we work with an adoption professional in your state to be sure that we handle the adoption in accordance with all applicable laws.

For two reasons:

  1. Do you really want your child raised by people who would break the law?
  2. You want your child to be secure in his or her new home, without fear that the child will be taken from the new parents by the authorities.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!. But, Kirsh & Kirsh will not represent prospective adoptive parents who have not been thoroughly investigated by an independent agency, including criminal, child abuse, sexual offender checks.

At Loving Adoptions by Kirsh & Kirsh, we like to provide as much information about you to the adoptive parents as possible so that they’ll have that for the benefit of the child. Medical history, social history, educational background are some of the obvious things. But we like to let the adoptive parents know your favorite color, favorite season, favorite musical group, favorite food. We know, as an example, that your child will be curious about the type of music that you like well before the child is curious about whether there’s diabetes in your family.

Of course, the medical information is important, but the background information is even more important. In addition to the background form that we will ask you to complete, we will also ask if you would like to provide photographs of yourself, your family, and any other children if , so that we can share those photos with the adoptive parents to put in safekeeping for your child when your child gets older. Likewise, if you would like to write a letter or even have your parents and/or friends would like write a letter to the child, we will pass those letters along to the adoptive parents for the child to have. Not because we’re doing a background check on you, but because we want your child to have the benefit of as much information as possible about you.

If you work with us at Kirsh & Kirsh, prospective adoptive parents whom we represent will understand that a birth mother does not “give a baby up for adoption” or “give a baby away” when she proceeds with an adoption. She “MAKES AN ADOPTION PLAN” for her baby. These not just politically correct words. They mean that a woman has given considerable thought to the idea of adoption and determined that adoption is her best way of assuring her child a bright future, in a stable home. Her “plan” to give her child the best opportunity for a bright future and a world of opportunities is adoption. A Kirsh & Kirsh adoptive family will make sure your child knows that you put your child’s needs ahead of your own when you chose adoption.

We, at Adoption Attorneys Kirsh & Kirsh, believe that every birth mother, on some level, wonders what her child will think of her for having made an adoption plan. Of course, we cannot guarantee how any individual will feel or react to having been adopted, but if the birth mother completes a 30-page background form and provides letters and photos for the child, the child will realize that the birth mother put thought and effort into her decision. A woman who leaves a baby in a dumpster does not go to the trouble of providing detailed information about herself and family. This is another way your child will know that you really were “planning” for your child – not abandoning of or giving away your child.

Of course. If you have other children and are pregnant and considering adoption for the child you are carrying, we can help you with creating an adoption plan for that child. If you have other children, you must consider their needs and your capabilities in caring for them as well as a new baby. Many of the moms with whom we work have other children.

Moms have told us they felt embarrassed that they find have found themselves in the same predicament again. Contact us. We would be happy to work with you again. Things happen. We don’t judge people.

With your permission, we will contact the family who previously adopted. Almost always, the they would LOVE to have a sibling of the child they adopted. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for the kids to grow up together.

However, if you prefer that another family have the opportunity to adopt, we will honor your wishes. It is YOUR baby: you make the decision about who adopts – not us.

No. Even if you have another child with whom DCS is involved, in almost every case, DCS will not be involved with the adoption of the newborn.

While all of us care about what other people will think of us and it would be nice if your friends supported your decision, your friends will not live with the consequences of your decision as intimately as you.

Your friends are not going to raise the baby for you. Your friends will not be responsible for providing food and clothing and shelter and schooling and tutoring and all those things.

With all due respect, you need to do what you believe is best for you and what is best for your baby regardless of what your friends may think. As a mother, your responsibility is to your baby – not to your friends.

Honestly, you might. We wish we could tell you that your life will be all unicorns and rainbows if you proceed with an adoption. Frankly, if you are thinking about adoption for your baby, your life is probably not that way now. However, parenting a baby without the necessary support, resources, and desire is not picnic either. Constant worry about not properly being able to care for a child might cause a mother to regret her parenting decision.

We, at Kirsh & Kirsh, believe that if you make your parenting/adoption decision based on good reasons and then later have second thoughts about that decision, you can always go back and look at your reasons and say, “You know what? I made a good decision because those are all still valid reasons.” If you make a decision purely based on emotions, you won’t have the same thing to fall back on since emotions tend to change or fade over time.

The best thing you can do when making the parenting/adoption decision is to consider all of your options. Determine what you’re able to do reasonably in terms of providing your child with the life, future, and opportunities you want your child to have. Look at your resources, look at who you can count on in terms of family and friends, not just because they say they’re going to help you, but look at what they’ve done in the past.

Have they helped you in the past when you’ve needed help? Then look at your reasons for proceeding with an adoption and make the best decision you can possibly make. If you make a well-reasoned decision, whether you decide to parent the baby or proceed with the adoption, you’re going to be fine. Later, even if you wish you would have made another choice, you will know you made the best decision you could with the information you had at the time.

A woman makes no greater sacrifice than placing her baby for adoption, or giving up her baby for adoption, or making an adoption plan for her baby. If you’re the recipient of that sacrificial love, you want to do everything you can and be sure that she’s okay and comes to peace with her decision. It’s absolutely the right thing to do.

We encounter expected moms who have used drugs during their pregnancies. Some of them used before they knew they were pregnant, and some used drugs after they knew they were pregnant. Obviously, it would be better for everyone involved if they didn’t use drugs. We suspect that even those people addicted to drugs probably wish they never would have started using drugs, but we can’t change what has already happened.

At Loving Adoptions by Kirsh & Kirsh, we understand how hard it is to quit using drugs and we represent prospective adoptive parent who have told us they are open to adopting a baby exposed, or born addicted, to drugs. So, if you find yourself in a position where you’re not sure that you can provide for your child, whether or not you’ve used drugs or alcohol during your pregnancy, please contact us. We have families who are open to all kinds of situations, and we’re sure that we can find a good home for your baby.

The most important thing when you contact Loving Adoptions by Kirsh & Kirsh is to be honest with us. We’re not going to make any judgments about you. We’re not going to tell you we don’t have a family. We’re NOT going to report you to the police or child protective services. Just be honest with us, and we’ll find a good home for your baby.

When a woman is looking for a home for her baby, she’s making maybe the most important decision of her life for both herself and her baby. She’s trying to provide for the LIFETIME, well-being of her baby and to give her child the opportunity to realize his or her dreams and full potential, in a loving, happy, stable home. You don’t get a “do-over.” on, The life of your child is QUITE LITERALLY AT STAKE. You want to provide your child the best life possible. With all due regard to the person down the street, we think you would agree that giving your child the best life possible is more important TO YOU than helping friend or acquaintance have a baby. Even if your friend or acquaintance would provide your child a wonderful life, don’t you owe it to yourself to explore other adoptive homes for your child before you settle on the friend or acquaintance? Consider this analogy: would you marry the first person you dated even if that person seemed great?

Also, what do you really know about your friend or acquaintance? Do they have any health issues which might shorten their life? How about messy personal relationships with people who will have contact with your child? Money is not the most important factor in being a good parent, but do they have financial challenges which might interfere with their ability to provide for your child?

The prospective adoptive parents, we at Kirsh & Kirsh represent have undergone extensive background, personal, financial, and criminal checks. We can provide you with written and photographic information about lots of families who would devote their entire lives to seeing that your child has a happy, fulfilling life. You can read about them, talk with them by telephone or Zoom, or meet them in person, without any obligation to proceed with an adoption.

Again, even if your friend or acquaintance would be the perfect home for you baby, wouldn’t you feel more confident about your decision if you had looked into several other great prospective adoptive parents?

Yes. Because our attorneys have over 90 years of combined legal experience and an office staff of 8 dedicated, full-time, caring professionals, we can make arrangements for an adoption on a moment’s notice – whether you have months, weeks, hours, minutes left in your pregnancy or you are in the hospital having just delivered. We have dozens of fully investigated and carefully screened, prospective adoptive families ready for a baby as soon as they receive a call from us. By the way, can you imagine how incredible you might feel knowing that you gave a family a baby who desperately wanted onone, but who could not give birth to one? What an incredible gift.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us.