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We help expectant moms from all over the country and have one or more attorneys licensed to practice law in Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. If you live in a state other than those states, we work with an adoption professional in your state to be sure that we handle the adoption in accordance with all applicable laws.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!. But, Kirsh & Kirsh will not represent prospective adoptive parents who have not been thoroughly investigated by an independent agency, including criminal, child abuse, sexual offender checks.

Of course. If you have other children and are pregnant and considering adoption for the child you are carrying, we can help you with creating an adoption plan for that child. If you have other children, you must consider their needs and your capabilities in caring for them as well as a new baby. Many of the moms with whom we work have other children.

Moms have told us they felt embarrassed that they  have found themselves in the same predicament again. Contact us. We would be happy to work with you again. Things happen. We don’t judge people.


With your permission, we will contact the family who previously adopted. Almost always, they would LOVE to have a sibling of the child they adopted. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for the kids to grow up together.


However, if you prefer that another family have the opportunity to adopt, we will honor your wishes. It is YOUR baby: you make the decision about who adopts – not us.

No. Even if you have another child with whom DCS is involved, in almost every case, DCS will not be involved with the adoption of the newborn.

While all of us care about what other people will think of us and it would be nice if your friends supported your decision, your friends will not live with the consequences of your decision as intimately as you.


Your friends are not going to raise the baby for you. Your friends will not be responsible for providing food and clothing and shelter and schooling and tutoring and all those things.


With all due respect, you need to do what you believe is best for you and what is best for your baby regardless of what your friends may think. As a mother, your responsibility is to your baby – not to your friends.

Yes. Because our attorneys have 100+ years of combined legal experience and an office staff of 8 dedicated, full-time, caring professionals, we can make arrangements for an adoption on a moment’s notice – whether you have months, weeks, hours, minutes left in your pregnancy or you are in the hospital having just delivered. We have dozens of fully investigated and carefully screened, prospective adoptive families ready for a baby as soon as they receive a call from us. By the way, can you imagine how incredible you might feel knowing that you gave a family a baby who desperately wanted onone, but who could not give birth to one? What an incredible gift.


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