Common Steps Of
Adoption Process


Make the First Contact With Kirsh & Kirsh

You can contact us ANYTIME, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. If you call us, a member of our full-time office staff will answer your call day or night. Any contact you make with us will be confidential and does NOT obligate you to work with us or even talk with us again.


Set Up an Initial Appointment

If you would like more personalized information about adoption, we will meet with you wherever and in whatever manner you prefer. We can meet with you in person in our office, at your home, or any location of your choosing throughout Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois or by telephone, Zoom, FaceTime, email, or text. Your adoption plan will reflect your preferences regarding the adoptive family, the amount of communication you’d like to have with the adoptive family, and even the ability to hand-pick the adoptive family


After Our Initial Meeting

After our initial meeting, we’ll maintain whatever level of contact with you as you would like. Unlike some adoption agencies, we will not schedule repeated meetings with you. We will respect your space and privacy. On the other hand, you can reach us anytime you have a question or concern.


Resources Available to You

At NO COST to you, we will assist you with

  • Your Medicaid application, if you do not have private insurance
  • Counseling before and after birth
  • Payment of pregnancy-related, living expenses, including medical bills
  • Having your own attorney, who can provide confidential, legal advice about adoption


Consent Signing

When you go into labor, please notify us by telephone or text. We will NOT come to the hospital until you are ready to see us – and NOT until after the baby is born. We typically come to the hospital 24-48 hours after you deliver and will coordinate with you and the hospital social worker on a time you are comfortable with. You are welcome to have whomever you would like with you for the consent signing. At the time of signing, an attorney from Kirsh & Kirsh will be present and your attorney, if you wish to have one, will be present in person or by telephone.

Please know that you will never be pressured to continue with your adoption plan. If you don’t wish to move forward, even after birth, simply let us know.


Post-Adoption + Support

It is not uncommon for birth parents to feel a wide range of emotions after placement. It’s important that you know that you’re not alone, and it’s critical that you have someone with whom you can share your feelings and who can answer any questions you might have. Your counselor may also help connect you with appropriate services to help you continue to lead a safe, healthy, and happy life. Two other reasons we recommend that you talk with a counselor before the baby is born -- not only will the counselor help you understand the feelings you can expect to experience, but if you need to speak with a counselor after you deliver, you won’t be calling a stranger. You will have already established a relationship, if you talk with the counselor before you give birth.