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 Can Kirsh & Kirsh help me find a family for my baby?

I am thinking about giving my baby up for adoption. I see that Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C.  (Kirsh & Kirsh), has over 350, 5-Star Google reviews.  Can Kirsh & Kirsh help me find a family for my baby?

Yes. As attorneys, Kirsh & Kirsh provides adoption services, throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, and soon Kentucky, to expectant mothers and birthmothers, which includes matching them with prospective adoptive parents. Not only does Kirsh & Kirsh provide legal services for adoptions, they can also match prospective adoptive parents with expectant mothers and birth mothers. The adoptive parents represented by Kirsh & Kirsh are very carefully screened and investigated by independent agencies. Kirsh & Kirsh will provide profiles, which include lots of photographs and descriptions of the families of waiting parents hoping to adopt, to expectant mothers and birth mothers. After reading about a family and looking at their pictures, moms can decide to talk with, or meet, the prospective adoptive parents in person. At Kirsh & Kirsh, we believe that in order to proceed with an adoption plan for their unborn or newly born babies, birth mothers must not only believe that adoption is in their, and their children’s, best interests, they also must LOVE the prospective adoptive parents. Moms need to know that the prospective adoptive parents will provide a loving, safe home, and the brightest of futures for her precious baby.  Kirsh & Kirsh helps facilitate whatever degree of an open adoption is comfortable for the birth mother and prospective adoptive parents. Kirsh & Kirsh also makes sure that the birth mother can speak with her own attorney, at no expense to her, to be sure that she fully understands her rights in an adoption. For more information about making an adoption plan for at baby (giving a baby up for adoption), feel free to contact Kirsh & Kirsh, any time, day or night, via phone at 317-575-5555, text at 317-721-2030, or  email: AdoptionSupport@kirsh.com.

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