Giving My Baby Up For Adoption

I Am Pregnant Or Have Already Given Birth And Thinking About Giving My Baby Up For Adoption. Can Adoption Attorneys Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., Help Me Find A Good Home For My Baby?

Yes! In that the Adoption law firm of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (Kirsh & Kirsh) only handles adoptions, we have lots of prospective adoptive parents who have asked us to help them find a baby to adopt.

Since we are based in Indiana and have waiting families who would adopt in Indiana a baby born in other states such as Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky, Indiana law allows us to provide adoption services to expectant mothers and those who have already given birth in states outside of Indiana. Adoption services include matching birth mothers with prospective adoptive parents. Given that Kirsh & Kirsh is the largest adoption program in Indiana and, perhaps, the Midwest, we have the greatest variety of really wonderful, carefully screened, prospective adoptive parents from which a woman thinking about giving up her baby for adoption, or more correctly, making an adoption plan, can choose. We know that birth parents must Love, or at the very least, be comfortable with, the adoptive family in order to make an adoptive placement.

Some birth parents want a lot of involvement in the selection of families and others want to leave the decision to us. We will arrange an adoption in whatever way gives the birth mother the greatest peace of mind. Many of our expectant moms and birth mothers want to look at profiles of the families which include lots of photos. A lot want to speak with the prospective adoptive parents by telephone, and some want to meet them in person. How ever a mom selects the prospective adoptive parents, if she chooses one of the Kirsh & Kirsh families, she will not make a mistake. All the prospective adoptive parents, whom we represent, will provide a wonderful, happy home and a lifetime of opportunities for a baby.

For information about our waiting families, please contact us at Kirsh & Kirsh. We will always treat you will kindness and respect. Of the many expectant mothers with whom we have worked over years, many, if not most, have needed help paying their living expenses while they were pregnant and during their postpartum recovery.

You can call, text and or email us anytime. To contact us—call: 317-575-5555, text: 317-721-2030, email:, or Facebook message: We answer our office phone 24 hours a day, every single day. We try to respond to emails and text messages within minutes of receipt.


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